samedi 14 août 2010

Be aware!

Oh dear readers or should I say dear travelers instead? Because it sounds just a little presumptuous to assume that there'd be people who'd dare to read our ramblings, right Sophie?
In any case, readers (with a grain of salt), travelers, companions, you should be alerted that our visions -impressions if you prefer, about the cities that we intend to guide you through and describe are quite far from accurate and may differ enormously of those that you find in regular booklets dedicated to show regular visitors the best known attractions of our metropolis.

I'd say, and I think I can interpret Sophie as well, that our accounts are going to be heavily influenced by our emotions and feelings of the moment and even though I'm some kind of an expert masking what I feel and only in rare occasions the correspondence between what I show and what's really happening inside of me is very direct, for the purposes of this collaborative work I'm going to cut the ties from the impediments that hold me back and I'd permit to have a sort of license to express myself as freely as it could possibly be. Besides, in my case (and Sophie's too), I'd be writing in English that is not my first language and it makes it easier to say things that I'd hesitate/have more doubts to tell in my first spoken one.

So dear friends, be aware and consider yourselves sufficiently warned that all of our descriptions are going to be impregnated with our original and extremely subjective way to see things and more than a trip to know the cities that we in a certain way represent, this is more of a voyage in which you're going to be carried out and away by our emotional states as they are unleashed by the power of our routines and events as they happen in our very ordinary ways of life.

In addition, you may already know that necessity is the mother of all inventions. For example, accidents don't stop people for being creative. To the contrary they work as the drivers to create new things. It's well known those piano compositions created for the left hand: an accident that left the right hand useless was the reason for coming up with such a strange thing. Great composers have created piano compositions for two people and in this case we're talking about four hands, even six hands... And Sophie and I joked about our blog at four hands..., because this is a big task to build such a blog-bridge and eventually we'd need six or eight, who knows? Also, she lives in Paris, I live in NY but that doesn't stop us from creating our extremely original way to share things like the ones we'll be talking about in our new posts.

Still want to join us?

2 commentaires:

  1. Yeah!, oui!, sí.

    Me gusta mucho la explicación breve bajo el título.

    ((Por el camino -y puente-, desempolvaré my poor english y me aplicaré más))

    Saludos a los dos y enhorabuena por este viaje creativo!


  2. Enchanté de tenerte por aquí también querida Carol. Gracias por cruzar el puente.