mardi 28 septembre 2010


Last Week-End, i was free.


Oh that's a bad omen for me!

I'll share the reminiscing bit with you...

College and High-School: unexpected free time in my timetable -> i'd fall ill straight away, not matter how exciting the improvised shopping session with a few classmates would sound.

University: day of freedom because of a strike -> headache.

Holidays: conjunctivitis

Free from any sort of moral or physical obligation: i fall ill, ill, ill!

And last week-end, guess what?

Fernando said 'free', i decided it could apply to the whole week-end and thought i'd be writing my post on Sunday, sipping a tea somewhere after having visited an exhibition or a museum, walking peacefully hands in my pockets as any free woman would have.

Sunday morning, 9.3o, i wake up, as any free woman, but -> Sore throat, running nose, weak from head-ache to toe-ache and just one single desire: watch each and every Harry Potter movie with chocolate and sweets and maybe a pencil and a sketchbook.

And basically, that's all i did as it was impossible for me to keep my eyes on a too bright screen for too long -lucky that the Harry Potter movies are quite dark and the matt paper of my sketchbook does not reflect ligth, or i'd have had to bury my head in my pillow and wait for Death to come and take me with Her.
I've been able to draw a few more pages for my other blog, empty mug upon mug of hot tea, but that was it.

Ever since Sunday, it has been a daily struggle to pull myself to write something here when i perfectly know i have nothing to say (unless you'd find some interest in knowing that i'm wearing pink and fluffy Tinker Bell socks at home to keep my feet warm, which i highly doubt (and NO, you won't get any picture of them)).

Anyway, as thinking was not totally painful nor exhausting, i've then had some time to start thinking about a few places wich i'd never visited and/or would find interesting to see (again). I suggested last week to Fernando that we could each come up with a list of a few places and ask our co-blogger to pick for us the one we would have to go to.

Here is my list:

Musée des Arts Décoratifs
(new collections and exhibitions i haven't seen yet)

Musée Gustave Moreau
(i feel highly ashamed to say that i've never been there in five whole years)

Mémorial de la Shoah
(i haven't visited the bookshop yet and would be extremely interested to)

Palais de la Découverte
(can i hide behind my hankerchief as i mumble 'never been there' ?)

No matter where you'll send me my dear Friend, i'll make sure i have dinner in a nice and quiet place afterwards so that i can write a long and detailed summary of what i've seen.

And while you choose, i'll have a spoon full of sugar (it helps the medicine go down, they say...)

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  1. And here is Fernando's list:
    1. The Guggenheim museum (
    2. The Frick Collection (
    3. This play at The Repertorio Español: Way to Heaven. (
    4. The Noguchi Museum (