mardi 7 septembre 2010

Soho nights were their favourite?

Paris, B. O. Hotel, 1.33 a.m. GMT

What is the point of Soho nights, when you can have Sushi nights in Paris instead?

Yes, it's 2.33 a.m. here, and yes-again: i'm not alone in the Hotel lobby. Axelle is with me and as we were both experiencing an unbearable craving for sushi, sashimi and a nice hot bowl of misò soup, we decided to order some.

I remember the time when i was a teenager and would have died for an occasion to try the highly mystified sushis. Where i grew up, it was impossible to find japanese restaurants and the first time i got the chance to try some, i was 18 years old and terrified by the idea of chewing and swallowing a piece of fish that would not have been first cooked, boiled or fried. Actually, when i first set foot in a Japanese restaurant, i cowardly chose to try teryaki salmon instead; but i had a bite on a red tuna sushi and immediatly fell in love with them. It was too late to order something else, but a few months later, when i had my second Japanese (luxury food, for a student), i asked for sushis and sealed the union.

What i wanted to say, by posting this (absolutely uninteresting) story, was that: how could one be possibly happier than i am now? 25 and full of Japanese-food-related experiences, in good company at my night job, the only living souls in the Hotel, monarchs of a silent kingdom, and because we are in Paris and well equipped with an internet connection, just having to fill a form and click three times to get an almost instant delivery of delicious treats at 2 in the morning...

And for those who are aware of my obsession with the number 28: 12 sushis, 12 makis, two misò soups, two heart-shaped lollipops (28 pieces, if i'm not too bad at maths, mmmh...) for...28€. Creepy! (good-'creepy' though!)

I love Paris sometimes...

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  1. Hmmm... I love sushi too :) Well, truth be told, I prefer sashimi (salmon sashimi). It's my lover after my pillow ;)