samedi 2 octobre 2010

Un Bon Rhume

The title translates as 'a good cold'.
In what way a cold could be any 'good'?!

If you are wondering, i suggest you take a closer look to it from my (maybe biased) point of view.

A cold is mostly unpleasant, denying it would be foolish: running nose, watering eyes, headaches, constant drowsiness, noisy sneezing, all this would really take all the fun from the cold, if it were not compensated by: The GROG!

If you don't know what a Grog is (which i highly doubt, at least from my side of The Bridge, Frenchies are known to be alcoholics), wikipedia has a nice article on the topic.

Yesterday afternoon, Axelle and i met in a place i will not name yet (for i will write a long, long post about it some day), planning to have a hot chocolate and a little chat. We were not in the mood for hot chocolates though, and had a tea and a banana syrup instead (careful: not mixed! one drink each: i would not like to try such a mixture!). After a while, as we were both complaining about our health (Frenchies love doing that too) and translating some Purcell, the wonderful idea hit us 'ooh, i'd fancy a good hot Grog, what do you think?'

Two Grogs for the Ladies.
After having emptied half of a bottle of honey over the steaming rum and lemon, we said cheers in a very Piratish way and brought the mugs to our mouths.

I immediately stared at Axelle half expecting to see her covered in scales, as i thought that maybe the Grog was not a Grog at all, but rather some potion brewed to turn people into dragons or salamanders, and i can tell she was looking at me in the exact same way.
There was some more Piratish after that, as we were both swearing like old sea dogs, but at least our eyes were no longer watering because of a nasty virus.

Un Bon Rhume? Definitely. Grogs are worth getting your nose red for. And i just realised how the french word for Rum (Rhum) and rhume (cold) looked extraordinarily alike!

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