samedi 13 novembre 2010

Let's be ourselves again

(This post is a reaction to the previous one)

Come on! We all know that the stuff that is easy to do can create some sort of habit too. A good one? No exactly, but of the bad kind, more likely. It's like the food, if it tastes good you're going to like it and you're going to want more and more and that's how you get heavy and overweight. Yes, like the food in McDonald's. Nobody can deny that even if it is "cheap", it tastes good. Sometimes very good but look around, don't go much further, the people outside, at the lines, on the tables, they all have some extra pounds.

And it all happens because we want to make things easy, actually, too easy and because we sometimes are lazy. No, that's not true, not all of us are that lazy. Not all of us want Facebook to do all the hard work of making things that easy in terms of how friendships are created or made.

Instant gratification is good up to a certain extent but we want more. We want to be free people again and not being enslaved to technology or any kind of social platform. We want the platform to serve us not us living to serve the will of those minds deciding how, what and when we should connect to other people.

What if I don't want to communicate with some of them? In the no virtual life people don't pay attention to some details. They/we just assume we/they are just busy doing other things. Looking to the other side it's just polite. These powerful softwares, they do just the opposite. They expose us, we can become rude without warnings. Those subtle strategies that we used to rely on the regular world are not longer valid in the virtual one.

But like these people behind those powerful tools, we have brains too. The same way we got engaged, we can disengage as well, but not completely. Like it was said before we need them to serve us. For example, we want our friends to know when there's a new post. They can ignore us like most of them do but at least they know what they are ignoring..

Hopefully in the following days there's going to be stuff in the pipeline that we'll be posting there, whatever the use we decide we're going to give to those posts..., for our delight, at least. I, myself, enjoy doing it. It gives me an extra pleasure and some extra-meaning that is absent if I'm not doing it for the sake of sharing it.

Ah! Let's not forget that we understand why it's much easier to ignore blogs and posts like these in general..., and I don't blame anybody for doing it!

Oh well! Let's just be ourselves!

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  1. A translation on my facebook wall just in few minutes my friend !
    A cup of coffee for Sophie and you .
    For all the other people, a cup of tea from Guilland. Guilty ?
    ... Just so human.