mardi 2 novembre 2010

Life is a river

New York, November first, 2010.

Life never stops, that's a sure thing! If reading these words provoke resonance in your head, listen carefully then because..., nothing, these are just simple words.

Today was a very cool day in NY. Well, not that cold but considering that 3 days ago temperature felt like it was almost spring-time or the beginning of the summer, a drop of almost 40 degrees (°F) surely makes you feel as if you've been taken to the North Pole or the Antarctica.

The cold is good to cool off the mind nonetheless. Suddenly you see things with much more precision and accuracy. You can appreciate much better other stuff as well. How 14 ounces of  hot coffee make your body and your stomach feel warm and perfect it's just a pretty good example. Substitutions are allowed and more than one would agree that boiling water with added cocoa-chocolate powder will make us feel like the chosen people or to make it simpler, like this time at 9:43 PM in New York, a bag of chamomile in hot water produce the same effect, elevating us above the misery of the harsh weather.

Gosh!, things are so easy to understand when they are away from us: if temperature is hot you just go and take a cool beverage or a cold beer. I bet you, you immediately feel relieved. Do the opposite when the opposite occurs. So easy to do.

I wish I could be so clever when I'm dealing with other stuff, like those inside us, our stuff. I just don't understand why is that if I buy a ticket more than a month ago I've got to be late having all the time of the world to arrive not one hour but 2 in advance if needed. It was only ten minutes but the sensation of failure goes well beyond those ten.

That happened to me last Friday the 29th of October when I went to see Christina Pluhar, Philippe Jaroussky and their ensemble L'Arpeggiata at Carnegie Hall. Isn't that unforgivable? The first time I'm going to see them and I got there late.

No excuses. I didn't have a valid one unless I admit that maybe I like the rush of my adrenaline circulating inside my body and not for giving it a good use because running nor jumping is permitted, just to feel its power unleashed irrigating my veins and cooking myself in its juices.

Thank god I didn't miss much of the show, because the spectacle was so high level, so excellent. What a performer Jaroussky is! Very soon I forgot my lateness and those encores (after the original program) were just amazing. He, Jaroussky, dances, he even sang a popular song in Spanish; I definitely had/have problems trying to define how the performance of the whole group could be framed or encased in. It was so eclectic and original, mixing the mysticism of Monteverdi with some Italian dances and the percussion, oh my god, that guy (David Mayoral) is incredible.

Even though all the performers were just well above average, I have to single out Veronika Skuplik the one with the Baroque Violin. Not because she's sublime with the violin, and she is excellent, so delightful. What a display of energy! But what caught my attention in particular was the way she tries to connect not only with the other members of the group but with the public too. She's very into it: scanning people in the audience, making eye contact, smiling and almost cheer-leading. For me this was just over the top... Had I had the chance I'd propose to her on the spot.

Of course that'd mean changing my preferences in life which still at this point are to live it interestingly instead of happily . Why? because I'm not convinced yet that happiness could not become a routine and routine sounds to me like monotony, oh, that kills me, but this is material to speculate in another post.

I think life could be understood as some kind of a river that we have to cross it over the best we can; and like any river is better to go through it using the underlying current in your favor. Certainly L'Arpeggiata helps a lot to the purposes of crossing it properly. We absolutely made the most of it that night letting ourselves be guided by their gentle push and favorable winds of their enchanting crew.

Right now I'm just looking forward to have another night like that one... I'll keep you posted!

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