New York - Fernando

Born in the Dominican Republic, he has lived in USA for many years. He loves NY with its diversity, despite its complexities and like anyone from there or abroad took a long time to appreciate all the beauty, joy and spirituality hidden behind the apparent materialistic facade that gives the characteristic configuration to the city and attracts people from all over the world.

A background in Psychology, -he must have studied it trying to understand himself, because very soon he learned that he was not interested in abnormal behavior nor wicked minds and much less in the practical applications stemming from the science. In order to make a living he dedicated to marketing and sales not because he wanted it but because it was something he could play with it as if he was an actor in a movie or a player where he knew he was just playing a game and could do his best without compromising seriously his mind or complicating too much its self.

Even thought he has not formal training, he enjoys and appreciates art not less than intelligence wherever he sees an expression of it. Growing up and until now he must have made life very difficult to people of his surroundings because he has a tendency to challenge everything and wants to make sense of things to find out the reason behind all that moves around.

Stereotypes other than being a human being don't suit him well; always have more questions than answers and praises with high values love and friendship. Really enjoys whenever he can help, never hesitating a bit to give his shirt if needed without asking, neither expecting or having serious difficulties accepting something in return.