Odense - Grace

Being asked to write an introduction about herself she sat beside her messy desk with random papers and books thrown around, struggling to find a way to write about that elusive person she sees every morning in the tiny mirror of that poorly-illuminated green room. Still, a person she barely knew after all.

She decided to start from the beginning, as it is said to be a good start: 

“I stepped into this world in 1991, I came with the winter in my back so perhaps that’s the reason why I’m so cold and silent most of the time. For the first years I was just a curious shrimp, unaware of my own existence, whose greatest concern was to learn from observing people what regular behavior was so I could go unnoticed.
Yet, once you get out of your comfort zone and take a look outside you don’t come back the same. In 2008, I left home for a month, met different people and cultures, and discovered a completely different set of society standards in Toronto, and I did that on my own. From then on there have been other experiences and people that have made me realize it’s time to stop hiding.
So now I’m at the university in San Sebastian studying just whatever from the long list of things I would have wanted to study, and about to leave for Odense (Denmark) for five months, obviously freaking out but happy to leave this place (not that I hate it but I've been here for way too long).

She looked at the smudgy page for a moment and decided that she may have not succeeded in making her boring life interesting, but maybe it was because she had tried to leave her imagination aside and tell the facts as they were.