Paris - Sophie

Born in 1985, somewhere in France where high mountains and a lake make everything look so poetical that it might as well have been the setting of an old and sweet musical.
As she was very shy, yet immensely curious, books, notebooks and pencils were her best friends, school was another, no matter the topic, and it took ages of silent explorations for her shell to explode and finally let her out. She then started to visit every corner of the WonderLand of Arts and Knowledge.
It's only after two years in Lyon where she studied French Literature and a few months in England where she was an Au Pair that she discovered Baroque music and then all of a sudden, 19 years after 'she' was born, she became an 'I'.
As it is who and what she is today, I will replace her and deal with the biography myself from now on.

When i came back from England with dozens of hours of Baroque and Classical music in my bag, transformed forever into an english-thinking person, i stopped in Paris, where i started studying English Literature. It took a year or so for me to realize how allergic i always had been to universities. On the other hand, i still felt very much in love with learning, or eating as i might say, loads of new things. Being a failure as a student was a tough pill to swallow, but i eventually did and decided to find a job (an uninteresting one, but who cares), so that i could spend some of my wages in the only way i thought to be suitable: music, books and enjoying being alive on my own or in good company.

English-thinking, but not only: English-feeling would be a more accurate statement, as i now feel like all of my soul belongs to the UK. And the strange thing about me is that all of my soul also belongs to many different things, and many different persons, many different arts, sciences, times and places.
Saying this is not only introducing myself, but basically saying everything: wholly whole in affections, passions and nonsenses.